Accessibility will be key in new Y facility

A video message from Y member & local architect, Cleary Buckley

Cleary Buckley photo (2).png

Among the many reasons we need a new Y, none may be as critical as the need to fulfill our commitment to truly serve the entire community. In our current building, preschool classrooms, fitness facilities, offices, and other key spaces are inaccessible to many in the community due to the lack of an elevator and the labyrinth of stairs and hallways.

Cleary Buckley, Y member, afterschool parent, and building committee member knows all too well just how limiting our current building at 266 College Street can be. Cleary can pick up his child from our afterschool program in the lobby of building, but he can’t watch his child at play in the gym because his wheelchair can’t make it up the stairs. For his own wellness routine, Cleary likes to swim—but to access our pools he must enter through an isolated, rear door off a parking lot. Since the men’s locker room is inaccessible, so he must use a small changing and shower room separated from other members.

Requiring people to enter through a back door simply does not fit with the Y’s values of Respect, Responsibility, Caring, and Honesty.

With a new Y, these limitations will become a thing of the past. We will build a fully ADA compliant facility with an elevator and other universally accessible design features – opening our entire Y to everyone.

The Y is incredibly fortunate to have Cleary on our building committee bringing his perspective, his experience as an architect, and his heart. For Cleary it’s simple, “I’m looking forward to having a facility that I can just use and interact with like anybody else that is a member.”

We hope you will watch this video and listen to Cleary, in his own words, share why he’s participating in our Staying in the Heart campaign as a donor, volunteer, and member.



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