Aquatics in our new home; a place for community

Jess in her element

Jess in her element

A note from Jess Lukas, Aquatics Director

As we get closer to the new Y that we have all been working toward, you might be surprised that it isn’t the building itself that has me most excited. Don’t get me wrong, I am VERY excited about a new facility! However, what brings the biggest smile to my face is knowing that countless more people will have the chance to create their own Y story because of what this new facility will do for our community.

My Y story started when I was just 2 years old and wherever I have lived and whatever my stage of life, the Y has been there. I simply can’t remember a time when I have not been a part of a Y community and, in turn, a part of the broader community in which I lived.

Our Y is a place for children to have fun and learn water safety, where diversity runs strong, classrooms are filled with laughter, new friends are found in group fitness classes, and generosity ensures our doors are always open to all in the community.

Through Y youth swim programs, we help build confidence, teach life skills and give kids a safe outlet for fun. Seniors come together for relaxation, water aerobics, and friendship. Our devoted lap swimmers continue on their path of lifelong health, and for those with physical and developmental needs, we share the joy of the water through adaptive swim lessons.


All this currently takes place in our aging facility, but I can’t wait to welcome our swimmers to a natatorium supported by a state-of-the-art filtration system, under a roof that doesn’t drip into the lap pool with each spring thaw. Our vision currently includes two pools in a space that invites natural light and has playful, family-friendly water features. I’m so excited that our aquatics families will be able to spend all day together at the Y! Most importantly, and what heartens me most about a new Y, is that we will have a space that truly serves the entire community through a fully accessible natatorium – not one that requires some to enter through a rear door directly off of a parking lot.

Many details are still being firmed up and a lot of work has yet to be done before we welcome our first swimmers. But what I do know is that the new facility will be about more than swim lessons and fitness, our new Y will stand for community – a community I have always called home.

Jess having fun with Camp SPLASH swimmers and instructors

Jess having fun with Camp SPLASH swimmers and instructors

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